Vegan Guide to New Zealand

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Veganism in New Zealand

Meat is a huge part of New Zealand’s culture. It is especially known for its lamb, beef and seafood. Many New Zealanders depend financially on the meat economy. Some people find it hard to understand how someone cannot be consuming things like meat, milk and cheese, because these foods are a huge part of their identity.

However, New Zealanders are generally open-minded and accepting. This is due to a good deal of diversity in the culture. Consequently, new approaches, like veganism, are becoming accepted. Vegan culture is definitely growing in New Zealand, more people are becoming aware of the unethical violence, health risks and environmental impact of consuming animal products. Eating healthily and plant-based diets are becoming quite the trend, provoking an immense growth in the vegan movement and consumption of vegan foods.

Vegan Food in New Zealand

In the big cities, you will be able to find vegan options in the supermarkets, not to mention the many health food shops and restaurants (see LOCAL BRANDS page), but in the country, you may have to rely on being able to cook your own produce, staples and fruits, either in a room with a kitchen or in a camping van, a big favorite for touring the country.

Know that in the South Island it may be a bit harder to find vegan options or vegan specific shops. The food culture there is slightly different as South Islanders usually have a more traditional diet of large amounts of meat and dairy.

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