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Commonly served vegan

Dishes that are traditionally served vegan

Sliced bread with peanut butter. Make sure: no dairy is used for the bread

Boterham Met Pindakaas

Small colorful sugar candies, usually served on bread


French fries, usually served as a snack. Make sure: no mayo is added on top

Frietje Zonder/ Friet

Heavy ginger sweet breakfast bread made with apple, ginger, nuts, raisins and cinnamon. Make sure: no honey is used


Pasta with tomato based sauce, Make sure: no cheese is added on top

Pasta met tomatosaus

Sandwich with hummus and/or grilled vegetables

Broodje Hummus/ Gegrilde Groentes

A wide variety of vegan burgers can be found in almost any place where burgers are sold

Vegan Burgers

Salty licorice


Dishes that can be Veganized

Dishes that are not vegan by default, but can be made so, by asking to remove or change part of the ingredients.

Mashed potato with kale, spinach, turnip, carrot and onion, with sausages and bacon. To veganize: ask for no meat, no dairy


Mashed potatoes with carrots and onions, usually served with meat. To veganize: ask for no meat and no milk or butter


Pea soup made with leeks, celery and onions. To veganize: ask for no meat or butter to be added

Vegetarian Erwtensoep

Variations of vegetable salads, usually served with cheese or meat. To veganize: ask for no cheese, meat or mayonnaise


Corn or wheat nachos, served with cheese, avocado, tomato salsa and beans. To veganize: ask for no cheese


Corn or wheat nachos, served with cheese, avocado, tomato salsa and beans. To veganize: ask for no cheese


Dishes that are not vegan, but appear to be

Dishes that might look vegan, but contain animal products.

Tomato soup, usually made with a meat stock.


Yeast round bread with dried fruits made with milk and butter.


Traditional semolina pudding dessert made with milk.


Sweet bread with cinnamon, made with milk.


Traditional sweet caramel waffles, usually contains milk and eggs


Bar-snacks, usually based on meat, cheese or honey.


Deep fried Chinese noodles containing meat.


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