Vegan Guide to The Netherlands

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Veganism in The Netherlands

Though traditional Dutch food is almost entirely non vegan-friendly, the vegan agenda is developing in the Netherlands, with numerous vegan and vegetarian restaurants opening up in the major cities. This being said, if you eat out at local restaurants, you might end up with some pasta or side dishes and a salad, see LOCAL FOOD page. Restaurant staff will be happy to help you veganize some dishes whenever possible – so do not hesitate to ask. The Netherlands ranks high in the list of countries receptive to vegans.

Rejoice, as almost all supermarkets will carry a choice of vegan milks as well as frozen vegetarian meat substitutes. Make sure to read the ingredients closely, some have eggs and dairy in them (see LOCAL BRANDS page). Do the same with bread – read or ask if it has eggs or milk in it.

Festivals and events will often provide at least one vegan option, if not several. Train stations will usually offer at least one kiosk with vegan choices. Each city will have a market day (or more than one) where you can buy the freshest local produce, straight from the farms. All in all, it’s easy to be vegan in the Netherlands. Even in the countryside once you find the supermarkets. Do bring along a few of your favorite staples or snacks.

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