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An Interview With Vegan Travel Experts

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After enjoying their blog for quite some time now, we finally got to interview some of the most interesting people in the Vegan Travel scene. For those of you who do not know, My Vegan Trips is a vegan travel website. They share dedicated info about the aspects of traveling the world as vegans.

Here is what they shared with us:



Why did you become vegan?

Because of the animals, we could not bear their suffering. Being vegan is the best way to reduce animal agriculture.


Why did you decide to start writing your blog ?

A lot of friends wanted to know more about our journeys: how much we spent, where we got food, how we planned everything. This is when we decided that it would be a good idea to share our experiences on a blog.


Any vegan scoops that not many vegans know about in your country?

In Italy a lot of traditional dishes are accidentally vegan! Many kinds of pasta, pizza marinara, many types of ice cream (see LOCAL FOOD page for more info about vegan food in Italy. )


Which is your favorite country to travel to as a vegan? And Why?

We love South East Asia, since you can find so much cheap vegan food there! We loved the tempeh in Bali, the curry in Sri Lanka, the mock meat in Thailand. Every place has its own unique attributes that make it special.





Tell us about the most difficult time traveling as a vegan?

When we went to Japan, everything was pretty expensive; luckily we had reserved mostly apartments as accomediations. So we could do our own cooking such as noodles and tofu we would buy at the supermarket.


How do you manage to communicate your vegan needs in countries where English is not commonly understood?

We usually make some research and print out the most useful words or sentences (Check out our LOCAL LANGUAGE tab in your destination country); it really helps me a lot to join local vegan groups on facebook such as Vegans in Sri Lanka, or Vegans in Malaysia etc.


What tips can you give to people who want to forward the vegan agenda?

Be positive, don’t give up, focus on the activities that you can perform best: for example, We noticed that we would often get angry, when speaking with people about veganism, so we prefer to write about our vegan journeys instead.





The People Behind My Vegan Trips:

We are Emily and Riccardo, two vegans with a passion for traveling! After first meeting up four years ago, we soon started to plan our life (and trips) together.

We love to travel as cheap as possible: live, eat and move around like locals!

When we travel we try to create the perfect mix of cultural sights, nature and beaches.

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Traveling Around the World, the Vegan Way

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