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Vegan Guide to Morocco

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Veganism in Morocco

Veganism is not very well known in Morocco and vegan restaurants are scarce. You can count them on the fingers of one hand, even in big cities. You will need to rely on local food or do a lot of shopping and cooking for yourself. On the up side, open markets are a pleasure to behold and you will always find something vegan that will satisfy you in mainstream restaurants.


Vegan Food in Morocco

One of the main recommendations when travelling in a country where vegan food is scarce is to try to find a Middle Eastern or North-African restaurant. That is because, in spite of a meat centered cuisine, you are likely to find a long tradition of vegetable-based dishes and a wide choice of succulent sun-drenched produce and fresh fruits.

Starting with the famous mezze, the wide array of mini salads, cooked or raw, that are served in many restaurants, usually as an introduction to a meal. In most places you can pay a fixed price just for the salads or the salads plus hummus (though hummus sometimes comes as one of the salads), without having to take a main dish. Just make sure all are vegan (they usually are) and that no mayo has found its way into the coleslaw. Start or end your meal with a fresh juice from one of the many stands on the streets. If you are in Morocco in the fall, a glass of fresh pomegranate juice is a must try! find more on the LOCAL FOOD page.

Some restaurants will offer a vegetarian couscous, though it has happened that the veggies were cooked in a meat broth. Again, asking is important. Try your French, though most young restaurant staff will understand English (see VEGAN WORDS page). Ask for the semolina to come with another side dish, like a cooked tomato salad or some roasted eggplants. And make sure to try the street food (many vegan choices). Sometimes the smaller the eatery, the better the food as families pride themselves on their traditional recipes. Go vegan happy to Morocco, not many complaints have arisen from vegans about this country.

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