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National Animal

The Malayan tiger

“Humans are not the only animals that seeks freedom and space.”

A.D. Williams

Animals commonly seen in the wild

Marine fauna:

Sea turtles, dugongs, sharks, manta rays, barracudas.


Babblers, hornbills, woodpeckers, starlings, kingfishers, serpent-eagles.

Land mammals:

Tigers, leopards, sun bears, mousedeer, tapirs, gibbons, macaques, wild pigs.

Snakes and insects:

King cobras, water monitors, monitor lizards, crocodiles, Malayan pit vipers, moths, beetles.

Common sights you will not like

In the city and
on the road

Stray cats and dogs are quite a common sites in most cities around the country.

In the

Stray animals are also seen in the countryside. Water buffaloes are used for agriculture and transportation purposes. Elephants are commonly used for entertainment (i.e. elephant rides) in the country.

General animal welfare issues

There are water buffalo races, the most famous one is the Babulang Water buffalo racing festival.

Hunting or poaching:

Hunting is allowed. Common animals hunted are deer, macaques, porcupines, civets, wild boars, pythons and water monitors. Hunting saltwater crocodiles has been allowed in 2017. Species considered endangered such as tigers, elephants and orangutans are protected, but commonly poached.

Animal fights:

Animal fights are illegal. Cock fighting still does occur under the radar.

Main organization for animal rescue and sheltering:

SPCA Selangor PAWS Malaysia

We have not included the treatment of animals in the meat/fur/leather industries, zoos or circuses, animal testing as it unfortunately still happens in most countries.

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