Vegan Guide to Malaysia

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Veganism in Malaysia

Although veganism is still rather a new concept in Malaysia. There are quite a few thriving vegan organizations, shops and restaurants have started to sprout up in the last 5 years. Do not think that only tourists eat there, as healthy eating has also become a concern of the middle-class population and some are turning to veganism. Vegan milks and meats can now be found in a lot of foreign and local supermarkets and since Malaysia is well known for the quality of its fruits and vegetables, it should be a breeze to tour the country, cook for yourself as well as find delicious venues to satisfy vegan palates. To learn about all the vegan snacks and ready made foods in the country, be sure to check out our Malaysia Snacks & Stores tab.

Malaysia rice terraces Since English is understood in most places in Malaysia, it will be easy to communicate your requests for veganizing dishes. Although it’s even more fun to learn a few Vegan Related Words in Malaysian and practice them with the locals.

If you are looking to connect with the local vegan community and find news about restaurants, snacks, activities and activism make sure to check out the  Vegan Malaysia website.

Vegan Food in Malaysia

Malaysia hosts a variety of thriving cultures, each with their own cuisine and restaurants. Indonesian, Chinese and Indian foods are very well represented either in their traditional or fusion versions. Because these cultures harbor Buddhist and Hindu established vegetarian practices, a wide variety of vegan dishes can be enjoyed in those establishments (check the vegan dishes of those countries on our guides for Indonesia, China and India. Malaysian food on the other hand tends to rely more on animal products, though many tofu, tempeh and vegetable dishes will often be available on the menus. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the vegan food options available in malaysia, by going over our Local Food tab.

Still have questions? Visit our Malaysia Forum tab to get all the answers.

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