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Vegan friendly places to stay in Kyoto 2 Apr 03, 2019
Vegan cafes/restaurants in Osaka 1 Apr 07, 2019

Vegan friendly places to stay in Kyoto ← Back to questions

Apr 03, 2019

Arriving with may husband in the start of june to Japan. Wanted to stay in Kyoto for at least a week to soak up the local culture. Wanted to ask for recommendations for vegan friendly hotels in the region. Any input will be truly welcome! thanks!

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  • Malissa
    Thank you, will definitely check out this place!
  • Jonathan
    We stayed here last year https://www.veganminshuku3neko.com/ run by an Australian couple in a traditional Minshuku style. Very filling vegan breakfasts each morning. The hotel is located in a residential area of the city so it really feels like you are part of the local residents. If you contact them mention Jonathan and Mark recommended you ?

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Vegan cafes/restaurants in Osaka ← Back to questions

Apr 07, 2019

I will be going to Osaka soon. Are there any vegan cafes or restaurants you can recommend around the Korean consulate area? Thank you.

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  • Martin
    Went to this one last year, was AMAZING!! They Serve salads, pizza, pasta, and Japanese dinner set menus. Highly recommended! http://www.bigtentvegan.com/blog/2014/7/29/paprika-shokudo-vegan-in-osaka-japan

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