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Useful vegan related websites in Hungary

The largest hungarian vegan community. Sharing the latest local vegan news and updates, as well as much content to help those who are transitioning into veganism. New articles every day.

This website is dedicated to staying up to date with the trendiest vegan restaurants in Hungary. All the info is displayed on a easy to understand map, so you can find your next vegan meal with ease.

This website covers all topics about veganism such as: vegan challenges, info on helping new vegans, recipes, latest news, vegan poetry and even a map showing vegan friendly accommodation around the country.

Online 100% vegan store, with fast delivery of most vegan products that can be found in Hungary.

This association's main goal is to raise awareness about the benefits of veganism. Other services they offer are legal representation for vegans, creating and lobbying for new laws for animal protection and more. Their Facebook group is active and many locals should be happy to answer your questions.

This site is dedicated to help people live a health and environmentally conscious lifestyle, that means 100% vegan!

This vegan restaurant also offers vegan cooking classes in English. So any tourist can learn how to cook vegan Hungarian food like a local.

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