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Vegan Guide to Germany

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Veganism in Germany

In Germany, you do not have to explain what vegan means. Everybody understands what being vegetarian entails and lately also what veganism is. In Berlin, one can now find a lot of vegan food in mainstream super markets,  plant-based milks, vegan burgers and schnitzels, vegan ice cream, in regular frozen sections. After all, Germany is where you can enjoy the first vegan food chain, Veganz and first vegan mall (in Berlin).

Vegan Food in Germany

Again, in Berlin almost every restaurant provides one or more vegan option, or you can dine in one of the several vegan and vegetarian restaurants that pepper the city. Outside of major cities, you may have to fall back on vegan side dishes out of a meat menu like salads or veggies and fries. Yet again, you can ask for dishes to be modified and people will gladly do so when possible. Check out Local Foods section to know which food will be vegan by default in regular restaurants. Stick to the numerous Middle Eastern and Mediterranean places for easy options. But things are changing everywhere in Germany at an astounding pace so expect restaurants and businesses to skip on the vegan bandwagon in no time.


Traveling to the Countryside

As for the countryside, make sure to stock up on healthy vegan snacks for the road and your destination. See our Snacks and Stores page. Some of the supermarkets mentioned there have branches in the countryside. Take a place to live with a kitchen and hit the farmers’ markets. Germany’s native veggies are root vegetables such as beets and carrots and fruits such as apples, pears and cherries. It sounds mundane, but you have not tasted a pear until you tasted a German one! Farmers pride themselves on making the tastiest varieties and indeed they seem to have succeeded. But of course, at the farmer’s market, you eat what’s in season and many surprises await you: for example, asparagus (the big white ones, sold tender and fresh) appear in April till the
end of June and are considered some of the best in the world.

Still have questions? Ask them on our Germany Forum tab to get all the answers.


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