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Useful vegan related websites in Chile

"The Vegan House" is a online vegan store with a wide variety of vegan products available through online order.

An online store with a wide selection of vegan products, cosmetics, supplements and aromatherapy.

This website updates about veganism on a daily basis. The categories include: recipes, products, store locations, activism, restaurants, radio and more. Furthermore they have a map showing all the vegan related locations, making it very easy to understand and navigate the options near you.

"Vegetarian today" is a non-profit Foundation, created in 2012 by the journalist and master in Animal Law Ignacia Uribe R. This website keeps its readers informed about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. Promotes a healthy lifestyle by educating the population about the benefits to your: health, ethics, and environment.

This website is dedicated to providing info about quality of local vegan food, mushroom cultivation kits, organic seeds and spiritual healing.

Located in Cunco (Province of Cautín IX Region), this place offers exclusive accommodation in the beautiful Chilean countryside, strictly 100% plant based food and even a variety of vegan cooking classes can be taken.

Hotel located in Vitacura, Santiago offering healthy, vegetarian and vegan foods, without gluten or lactose.

This website compiles a very impressive amount of info about veganism in central and south America. Main areas covered are: transition to veganism, health related aspects of veganism, great recipes and a very extensive list of veg restaurants per country.

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