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Veganism In Chile

Santiago vegan city

Just 10 years ago, people in Chile had no idea what vegetarian food was, let alone vegan. Today Santiago boasts more than 115 listed vegan-friendly places, restaurants and stores.  Now that’s quick progress! You’ll even find some vegan empanadas or soy burgers on street corners that will leave their delicious taste in your memory.

This being said, meat and fish are still staples and some people to this day think that being vegan means belonging to some kind of ascetic sect. Even so, Chilean Vegan Local Food can be found, if you know what to search for and how to ask.

Vegan Food in Chile

Chilean vegan empanadas food

Restaurant staff might resist understanding all the changes you are trying to make when ordering.  Take it with good humor and make them laugh, they will become your friends. You will need to spell out basics such as which animals are meat, because some people will think that chicken, for example, is not meat. We recommend you learn a few simple Vegan Related Words if you don’t know them already.  When invited for supper, expect something insipid, prepared for you with love.

Going over our Snacks & Stores tab, will help you better understand your “ready made” food options in the country.  When buying it at stores or in the open markets, beware of the bread, which often contains butter and milk, but splurge on the veggies and fruits, including some of the best avocados in the world.

Still have questions? Visit our Chile Forum tab to get all the answers.

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