Vegan Guide to Cameroon

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Veganism in Cameroon

Cameroon, like most West and Central African countries, has a very meat-centric diet. The general view is that a balanced and satisfying meal must include some form of animal protein. So being vegan is not very common or widely understood.  Nevertheless, in recent years a growing number of people are being exposed to and educated on the health benefits of a plant-based diet. Social media is creating a new generation of people who strongly believe in a lifestyle of fitness and healthy eating and they are the real driving force behind the vegan movement in the country.

Vegan Food in Cameroon

In the cities there is an increasing demand for healthy food and with this, a plethora of creative and innovative ways to make local vegan food even more appealing and affordable, without it losing its cultural essence. As more people begin to grasp the concept, they have become accepting and even respectful of vegans.Vegan food can be found relatively easily if you know what to look for. Find our Cameroonian Local Food tab to better understand the vegan food options available.

If you are intending to travel outside of Yaoundé, make sure to fill up on your favorite Vegan Snacks, so you that you always have a plan B.

Food chains, supermarkets, hotels, resorts and restaurants are finding new ways to cater to the needs of the growing vegan community. Any vegan traveling in the countryside should be patient when trying to explain their preferences because veganism is still a foreign concept to most locals.
Cameroon is a bilingual country with French as the more common language and English as a secondary language so if you are not a francophone, find our Vegan Vocabulary tab to learn important vegan words in French.  Few people speak both languages and some people only master one of the 600 local languages spoken, adding another level of difficulty to make yourself understood in restaurants and markets.

Still have questions? Visit our Cameroon Forum tab to get all the answers.

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