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In the past two years, vegan culture in Bulgaria has grown exponentially. There are many health food stores and Online Vegan Shops, bio farms producing vegan products and restaurants with vegan menus. Vegan raw desserts and cakes are extremely popular. Many mothers of small children buy vegan food and insist that their kids consume clean and fresh food. Furthermore, some rare animal diseases that affected pigs and sheep in Bulgaria in recent times have put the meat culture on the spot. Veganism is so popular, that the “Vegan” label can be seen on cosmetics, food, restaurant menus, TV shows etc.

Vegan Food in Bulgaria

Bulgarian vegan foods peppers with riceWith all the recent progress Bulgarian Local Food still uses meat and dairy as staples. That being said, many vegan and veganizable dishes can be found if you know what to look for and how to ask.  Vegan Travellers have mentioned a strong language barrier with staff in restaurants and in local stores. We highly recommend to learn or print out a few vegan related words in Bulgarian from our Vegan Vocabulary tab. Commonly you will find great willingness to comply to your requests and serve veganized versions of some dishes.

Sofia and other large cities boast a few health food stores where you can find your favorite organic snacks and staples. You will pay dearly for this taste of ‘luxury’, but as long as you stick to outdoors markets for your fruits and produce you’ll be happy. Supermarkets offer a wide range of Vegan Snacks & Foods and many Vegan Staples.

Still have questions? Visit our Bulgaria Forum tab to get all the answers.

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