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Veganism in Brazil

Brazil is the fifth most populous country in the world counting more than 210 million inhabitants with very diversified cultures. Consequently, it is generally tolerant of differences, although knowledge of veganism is not too common and most people still eat meat every day. In spite of it all, veganism is a growing movement and though some people cannot understand the vegan lifestyle, they tend to respect other people’s choices.

Vegan Food in Brazil

The good news is that vegan food sales are exploding, with more than 25,000 stores making them available throughout Brazil, so you will not have a problem finding the common vegan necessities. Make sure to go over our Vegan Snacks & Stores tab to see all the options.
Though the cost of living in Brazil is lower than in the West, Western vegan ready-foods tend to be pricey.

Many times you will be able to find vegan or veganizable dishes in local restaurants, except perhaps in the “rodizios de carne”, the all-you-can-eat meat places, but even these often have a salad buffet. To better understand the local food and what can be tasted by vegans explore our Brazilian Local Vegan Food guide. Of course, you can’t control what previously went into the oil in which your vegetables were fried, but some places will be open to your request of using new oil for your dish. This being said, asking may be tricky since a vast majority of Brazilians only speak Portuguese. This is why we suggest to learn a few Vegan Related Words in Portuguese to assist you along your journey.

For the latest vegan news, events, restaurant guides be sure to check out the local vegan organization Veganismo.

Still have questions? Visit our Brazil Forum tab to get all the answers.

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