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Vegan Guide to Bosnia

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Veganism in Bosnia:

Being a vegan in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be difficult since the local culture is not really acquainted with vegetarianism and even less so, with veganism, which is seen as some kind of freak fancy. Well-meaning people will try to convince you that it’s better for you to eat meat. Relax, they really believe this and here is your chance to show them the latest research on health issues, animal farming and ecology.

There aren’t a lot of restaurants around that are suited to vegan needs. Though young people will sometimes speak English, not all people in restaurants and
markets will be able to understand you, so make sure you to learn a few vegan  words in Bosnian from our Vegan Vocabulary tab.

Vegan Food in Bosnia

Cheese is a big favorite and finds its way into a lot of dishes, some of which can easily be veganized by asking to omit the dairy addition but be careful with butter which tends to find its way into the doughs and sauces. Read here to better understand your Local Food vegan and veganizable options.

If you are traveling outside of Sarajevo be sure to stock up with a backup of  Vegan Snacks, so you will always have ready available food options.

If you plan on renting a facility with a kitchen, the world is open to you because Bosnia-Herzegovina’s produce is good, the covered markets are brimming with vegetables and fruits winter and summer, enough to delight any vegan cook.  To better understand vegan staples available in the country find our Product Availability tab.

Still have questions? Visit our Bosnia Forum tab to get all the answers.


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