Vegan Guide to Bangladesh

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Veganism In Bangladesh

It’s not easy to be vegan in Bangladesh. It is not by choice that Bangladeshi people eat the smallest quantities of meat in the world smallest quantities of meat in the world (4 kg per person per year), due to its financial cost.
A small number of people might define themselves as vegetarians (mostly Hindus and Buddhists) but most of the farming population in the countryside will be busy trying to put enough calories into their bodies from whichever source.

The flavours of most of the Local Food somewhat resembles the neighbouring Indian food. Similarly most local dishes are also vegetarian by default. Dairy is the hardest to avoid with ghee (clarified butter) being added to many dishes. Meat and fish are less common and are usually served in extremely small quantities. Bottom line is you will find dishes that are advertised as vegetarian, but will commonly contain animal products. So be sure to ask whenever possible. Learning a few Vegan Bengali words will surely help you be better understood.

If you are planning to travel outside of Dhaka, be sure to stock up with a large variety of Vegan Snacks, so you can be better prepared.

English is widely spoken, especially in the cities, and people are very willing to accommodate your needs and requirements. Since there is no awareness of veganism, though, expect a few slips of understanding.

Still have questions? Visit our Bangladesh Forum tab to get all the answers.

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