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The Veganary offers all the information needed by vegan travelers, on any budget, going to any country. Our main goal is to promote compassionate and enjoyable traveling experiences for all vegans worldwide.


Our mission:

The Vegnary

To facilitate vegan travel for everyone, so that people can combine a great traveling experience without having to compromise their vegan ethics. Our main goals are:

  • Providing authentic and practical vegan related info, in an organized and convenient way.
  • Helping connect like-minded vegans, from around the world, to help each other by adding info and answering each other’s questions.
  • Promoting other vegan related initiatives and businesses from around the globe, to encourage and grow the community together.  
  • Providing comprehensive info about each country, that will be relevant both in the larger cities as well as in the distant countryside.
  • Continually improve by listening to our users’ suggestions and requests.


Our story:

We are Shani Zukerman and Natan Saffer, a vegan couple living in Vancouver BC. We both studied business management, worked in this field, and managed our own online marketing business while traveling the world.

After living the digital nomad’s life for more than a year while traveling around the world, we discovered that, as vegans, moving between countries and keeping up with our diet and ethics was quite a challenge.

Indeed, in order to accommodate one’s vegan lifestyle in a new country, you have to work hard! Researching the local food culture, asking the locals relevant questions, and in extreme cases even resorting to pantomime! Yet quite often, you still fail to convey your message, leaving without understanding the local culture any better. 


How the Veganary Became a Reality:


When we searched online, all we could find were general articles made by tourists visiting that country. It would take us hours to skim through just to find some basic answers to our questions.

There was no doubt in our minds, there was real need for a practical information source to simplify all the questions vegans confront while on the road.  We decided to take up the challenge and do something about it:  this is how the Veganary idea was born.

We have compiled the information on this website with the help of more than 60 vegan freelancers. Each from a different country, providing us with a unique input about how it is to be being vegan in their home country. Today we are working with vegan volunteers from all around the world, collecting more valuable data to improve our guides even further. If you have any input that you feel is missing on our site, please do not hesitate to fill out the suggest content page and help us grow.

Myriam Morgenstern

Our Team:

Myriam Morgenstern is a Whole-Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist with a love of animals and of travel. She is also our content writer and general advisor.

Traveling Around the World, the Vegan Way

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